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"Yangtze River Protection, we are in action" Joint declaration on green development of chemical industry released

On April 25, under the witness of representatives of the chemical industry in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Joint Declaration on the Green Development of the Yangtze River Great Protection and We are Acting Chemical Industry will be discussed at the green development peak of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in 2021...

Chemical industry along the Yangtze River to discuss the protection of the Yangtze River - Yangtze River Economic Belt Green Development Summit Forum was held in Yichang

图为会议现场 中化新网讯 在推动长江经济带发展国家战略出台5周年,习近平总书记考察长江、视察湖北3周年之际,2021长江经济带绿色发展高峰论坛4月...

Great protection spawned industrial "gold" belt - The fifth documentary of high-quality development of chemical industry in the Yangtze River Economic Belt

This article was published on the front page of China Chemical News on May 12, forcing industrial transformation and upgrading to achieve scientific development, orderly development and high-quality development by establishing rules。这是习近平总书记对长江经济带发...

Yaojiagang Chemical Park: Rising Green Industrial Park by the Yangtze River

Thousands of miles of the Yangtze River is like a dragon, when here divided into the shape of branches, the ancient cloud Shujiang so far as a tree branch, hence the name Zhijiang。Yaojiagang Chemical Park in Zhijiang Economic Development Zone of Hubei Province is located in Jianghanping on the north bank of the middle reaches of Yangtze River...

Nickel metal industry in-depth report: Meet the highlight era of nickel sulfate

The binary supply and demand matching of nickel is the core to understand the change of nickel industry, and the supply and demand matching of laterite nickel ore high-nickel power batteries will open the high-light era of nickel sulfate。 Binary supply...

What effect does nickel sulfate have, what harm does it do to people

The chemical dictionary tells you what function nickel sulfate has and what harm does it do to people。Nickel sulfate is anhydrous, hexahydrous and heptahydrous。Most of the products are hexahydrate, there are two variants - type and - type, the former is blue square...

Nickel: The next blooming variety - new energy industry chain depth mining

With the development of new energy vehicles, new energy battery technology is also constantly innovating, and many developers will focus on the materials of new energy batteries, aiming to seek new breakthroughs。And as the main raw material in the battery field...

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