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Human resources

  • "A tree is strong because it has roots, and water flows because it has a source."。

    "Talents can not find jobs, enterprises can not recruit qualified talents" the contradiction problem is widespread。According to statistics, the turnover rate of talent in China's main talent market is relatively low, the lowest turnover rate is 8%, and the highest turnover rate is 20%, which is highlighted by the professional skills and quality of personnel supply and the personnel needs of enterprises and organizations。Some people are highly educated, but can not find a job in the labor market, an important reason is the lack of skills。

    The company will improve the talent training mechanism from two aspects:

    First, it is necessary to determine the talent training plan according to the talent needs, and formulate and adjust the talent training plan in a timely manner according to the company's development and market positioning。

    The second is to focus on cultivating ability, focusing on cultivating employees' learning ability, analyzing and solving problems, creative thinking ability and hands-on ability。Many media analysis, China's talent "job-hopping" ratio and frequency are relatively high, "integrity" there are problems。The company pays attention to training the integrity of employees and establish correct values。At the same time, pay attention to the "continuous training" of talents。Such as "lifelong design" for talents, according to their development prospects for a long term orientation training。We should carry out purposeful and targeted continuous training of talents and change the phenomenon of "heavy use and light training"。