Corporate culture
Staff style Cultural idea
Corporate culture

       Talents are strategic resources for harmonious and sustainable development of enterprises。The company always adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented, people make the best use of their talents", and actively provides a stage for all kinds of talents to display their talents。

       The company resolutely implements the strategy of strong talent,Always the training of "management personnel, professional and technical personnel, skilled personnel" as the focus of human resources development,Over the years, we have cultivated an excellent team with reasonable structure, high quality and excellent style,It has laid a talent foundation for the development of the company,Greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise。
Talent standard
       All employees who study hard at their posts, are honest and self-disciplined, do a good job, and are willing to help others are the talents most needed by enterprises。

Employment concept
1, both moral and ability, moral first
2, competition for jobs, survival of the fittest
3. Develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses
4. Build a platform to achieve your career  

Practice standard
       With the same position of people in the same industry to exchange vocational skills, compare professional ethics do not fall behind。

Employing mechanism
Open talent introduction mechanism:
       The company establishes an open "talent view", always seeking talents, does everything possible, regardless of region, eclectic recruitment, attracting all kinds of outstanding talents with advanced technology and advanced management concepts to join the company and seek common development。
Scientific talent training mechanism:
       Since the beginning of the employee's entry, according to the specific situation of each employee, we help employees tailor their own career planning, carry out targeted training and development work, and cultivate three talent teams of "administrative management, engineering and technology, and technicians"。
Strict talent selection mechanism:
       The company has always been adhering to the "competition, survival of the fittest" horse racing mechanism, so that outstanding talents stand out in the selection。Factory directors and other management cadres are recruited through open competition, and excellent management talents are selected through theoretical examinations, practical tests, performance evaluation, character and management level understanding, etc.Technicians, engineers and other technical positions through internal evaluation, recruitment, the good technical talents hired to the corresponding positions, so that their value。
Reasonable talent incentive mechanism:
       In order to help all kinds of talents grow rapidly, the company has formulated a reasonable "incentive and restraint mechanism", so that the work depends on performance, rewards and punishments have standards, so that every employee can continue to tap their own potential, keep the passion for work, and make continuous progress。